9 Foods That Make You Hungrier


These baked goods are great for satisfying your palate but are not super satisfying to the stomach as they tend to be dense in [simple] carbs.

Low-fat traditional yogurt

Yogurt might be the superfood poster child, but the type of yogurt you choose can make or break its health factor.

Potato chips

Eating a handful of chips or pretzels easily leaves us wanting more… way more. And you can chalk that up to the salt.


As your body processes alcohol, the release of glucose [sugar] by the liver is slowed, and this may produce a low blood sugar level. Sometimes, blood sugars can quickly rise and then fall after alcohol is ingested.

Low-protein granola bars

Granola bars that are low in protein don't tend to keep you feeling full for long as it's protein that is effective at inducing satiety, otherwise known as a feeling of fullness.

White rice

The problem with this is that nearly all the fiber and B vitamins in rice are found in the bran.

White bread

The food industry will sometimes even take it a step further and use potassium bromate or chlorine dioxide to bleach the flour and take away any natural yellow color to make it more white.

Sugary cereals

Sugar-sweetened cereals — think: the fruity or cocoa-spiked box you craved as a kid — are generally made up of, you guessed it, sugar.

White pasta

Like with many other sources of carbs, you can find pasta in both white (refined) and whole-grain forms.