15 Brilliant Galaxy Hair Color Styles

1. Sunset Shades

This galaxy style has magnificent sunset hues. The sunset-inspired hairstyle comprises red, orange, yellow, and brown streaks on a dark purple base.

2. Blue And Pink Pastel Galaxy

In this galaxy ombré, turquoise tones fade into pastel pink. Through the platinum-pink pastel top, vivid blue roots peep through. A tint of yellowish-green accentuates the image.

3. Bubblegum Galaxy

Not surprisingly, purple and pink pair well. This illustrates how well solids and hues work. This overly saturated look is striking. You definitely think of bubblegum when you see this. 

4. Fiery Red And Pink Shades

Red, pink, and orange highlights mix into blonde in this haircut. The most remarkable aspect of this design is the vivid contrast between bright colors and a dark background.

5. Retro Rainbow

Make everyone smile with this cosmic rainbow! If you like surprises and big statements, it's essential. A unique color palette—red, purple, blue, green, with a tinge of yellow.

6. Multihued Streaks

These stunning highlights add color to the galaxy hairdo. The bright color parts define. This galaxy hairstyle needs complementary hair color hues to stand out.

7. Blue And Pink

Galaxy photos on Google suggest the cosmos agrees with us. This galaxy combination is lighter, excellent for fair-skinned ladies. Add white to accent pink and blue.

8. Purple Dimensional With A Bit Of Blue

Purple hair is upsetting the world. All ladies prefer purple hair, whether it's brilliant, amethyst, or lilac. Add blue to your purple dimension for a galaxy look.

9. Spring Galaxy

This galaxy combination is meadow-like. Its green, yellow, and pink hues are stunning. This is a great hair color combo for spring.

10. Intense Pastel Shades

Pink and purple are timeless. Pink represents femininity, purple energy. Why not add the pastel trend into this blend? It produces a gorgeous subdued ice cream!

11. Candied Galaxy

Has a galaxy ever looked so sweet? I've usually seen galaxy photos with darker tones, but this combination makes galaxy hair enjoyable.

12. Rainbow Galaxy

Choose this gorgeous rainbow galaxy combination to enjoy all your favorite colors. However, visit a hair salon and consult an expert hairdresser to determine your ideal hair colors and hues.

13. Forest Galaxy

Ever seen a green galaxy? If not, Google it. Amazingly gorgeous. This color combination exudes serenity. This galactic appearance suits woodland spirits.

14. Colored Bangs

Red, orange, and blue create this gorgeous galaxy illustration. Just few stars and you can launch into space! Try this style for a pop of color in your front hair.

15. Beachy Galaxy

I used to envision clouds as bunnies, ice creams, and other things on the patio as a youngster. My mind began to see the Milky Way as a beach. 

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